Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Month 3

Dear Ruby,
I can not believe that the days have now turned into months. You are 3 months old. You aren't very large, but I have this gut feeling that says you will be gaining several more rows of fat rolls here shortly. You've started to eat like crazy, and sleep like a demon. I feel like that's all we have done in the last week is feed you and watch you sleep. Your hair is still fairly dark, but those eyes are blue as blue can be.
You had 5 shots this past month. It was harder for me to listen to you cry for the 23 seconds you did than for you to actually get the shots I'm sure. You don't cry much and are very very easy to soothe. A couple of weeks ago you got sick, you screamed and screamed and screamed. Quadrupling the amount of hours you have cried your entire life. It was heartbreaking. With your sister I was pretty easy allow her to scream. I hate to let you scream. Hate it. I can't do it. You so very rarely cry that there must be something tragic going on for you to cry. You smile, you are always smiling. It warms everyone's soul when they see you light up at them. You have your Grandpa Trace completely wrapped around your finger, it is adorable. You have everyone wrapped around your finger actually.
You still are the sweetest baby in the entire world. My heart literally melts when I'm with you. You make it very difficult to get things done with those BIG blue eyes staring at me, especially when the smiles comes out.
There are no amount of words to say how much I need you in my life right now. You are everything I need and your sister is everything I deserve. I love you so much Ruby Red Dress. I can't wait for the next months of your life.

Love Love


  1. We were out and about today and Allan said, "Man, I want to see Stella and Ruby."

  2. I can't blame you at all . . . she's stinkin' adorable! Even just in pictures!