Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A turning point

8 years ago, Packer the puppy escaped in the house and found my beloved shoes on the floor, IN MY CLOSET. I am still very upset about it to this day. He ate my favorite shoes as a puppy and I have never let him forget about it. I think my distaste for dogs really stems from that moment. It goes to show you how much I really loved those terrific brown, leather, strappy sandals that worked with pants, skirts and shorts. 
In an attempt to start fresh with a new outlook on life I snuggled with Boley. I figured since this puppy loves my daughter so much that I could give him some attention, without gloves on even. Ya know what, he didn't even stink that much and my hands weren't that dirty after all. I think we might snuggle again sometime.
Love Love


  1. I remember the shoe incident... and they were fabulous shoes!

  2. I'm still mourning the loss of those sandals too:)