Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No Band Aids

June Bug fell down while wrestling with Boley last week. She skinned her elbow just like any other kid in the summer time. Except, Stella refused, REFUSED, to put a band aid on it. Her elbow was bleeding, but no band aids allowed. We cleaned it up and put some neosporin on it and I tried with everything I could think of to get her to put the band aid on, if only to protect everything else from the goo that covered the elbow. A complete freak out ensued when I tried to stick it on. I mean triple the size of the tears that the bloodied elbow caused.
After several attempts and a half a box of band aids on TJ, Micall, Grandma Deb, Me, and Hunter we were able to convince her that band aids make owies feel better, I also promised that we could take the band aid off when she woke up the next morning.
You better believe that she hadn't forgotten at 7am the next morning, it was the first thing she asked for her and demanded.

The owie a week later:

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