Monday, June 21, 2010


After learning that Ruby LOVES rice cereal we tried to broaden her horizons with some bananas.
Stella wanted to help by being in the pictures and I just wanted to take the pictures. So I decided it was better for everyone if Ruby just dug right in.
She didn't really love them. In fact she spit them all out. But boy oh boy did she love that spoon! It kept her entertained while we fixed and ate dinner. She has decided that she doesn't love the Bumbo so much anymore. You put her in it and she just arches her back and tries to flip out. She just wants to stand. So the banana covered spoon offered a nice break. Maybe we can try to actually feeding her instead of trying for the photo op and the introduction of new foods.

Love Love

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  1. I love the eating stage--so funny. Perry tried to escape his bumbo too--get the tray it works wonders!