Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quit this

Laundry Day

It's difficult to finish the laundry when you walk down stairs at 11pm to put away something only to feel the squish of water on the floor.
Floating onesies on the 4 inches of water really isn't what I had in mind.
The dryer hose floating on the ocean isn't a good sign either.


Cleaning the baby bottles are the worst.
Luckily I have a dishwasher and good water pressure.
When searching for a dishcloth that isn't floating downstairs it's not a good sign to step in water.
That great dishwasher is creating a small lake in my kitchen.


She plays hard. Which leads to sleeping long and deep.
Also causes accidents.
Aside from a puddle on the carpet, it leads to her hiding the evidence.
Taking the pee soaked jammies off and shoving them back in the drawer.
Making everything soaked in pee.


She sleeps until 6:30am.
It is amazing.
I feed her in my bed, a rice cereal bottle, which she loves.
Then we fall back asleep until Stella awakes.
Today she must not have enjoyed the bottle. Since Stella noticed she was spitting in the car en route to Pretty School.
She wasn't spitting. She was puking.
All of her bottle.

There isn't enough Diet Coke in this house to make this day better.


  1. Boy, do I hear you sista!!!?! Your day sounds a lot like mine, just add poo!!!!! And there is not enough diet coke in the whole world to make it better........

  2. Oh crap. I'm sorry. Hate those kind of days. :( I agree with Trace, though. When they're 4 and 2 . . . until then . . . . yeehaw!