Saturday, June 5, 2010

No Boys Allowed

In the last months of this whirlwind I have retreated to my happy spot; putting together an entire new home. I have been building new bedrooms, decorating the walls, organizing the kitchen, and dreaming of a closet all to my self. We had been staying in my parents basement until we could see straight, but now we are little bit above water and we've moved; but not to far. We moved into a fantastic duplex in the middle of town. When this place was brand new 15 years ago my family lived here while Deb built our first house in Heber. It has closets (!!!) and a kitchen that isn't a hallway (!!!) (!!!!!). There is a fenced backyard and a basement for all of Stella's toys. The girls have their own room and I'm enjoying a new bed where I sleep like a starfish every single night. Furnishing is a work in progress, but it will get there very soon. We are excited to settle in and make this our new home. It will continue to be my happy spot.
Love Love

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  1. Just getting caught up on blogs - your girls are so darling! I think you have a lot of strength and your girls are lucky to have you! Good luck with your transition... and seriously, enjoy sleeping like starfish :)