Thursday, June 3, 2010

Month 4

Dear Ruby,
Well my little bundle of smiles, you are still smiling. Your dimples are so ever present and the sparkle in your big giant blue eyes has yet to dwindle. You make waking up at 6am a complete breeze because you are cooing and giggle at me. Who doesn't love that?
In the last few weeks you have started to play with toys, you grab your rattle and put your binky in and out. You roll from your back to your front but still have no interest in the other way around. You enjoy your baths and are getting a little irritated at spending so much time in a car seat. But we are busy and running back and forth and up and down causes you to spend a lot of your day in the car. You have started to snap into a schedule. It's nice. The only consistent part of that schedule is bed time. It's basically the only thing that I can gurantee we will be around for. You nap in the morning, and you nap in the afternoon. You generally sleep through the night. I wish you and your sister would coordinate that, if you sleep through the night, Stella does not and vice versa. Could you work on that in the coming months?
You are completely 100% in love with 2 people. When they walk in the room, you know it. Your eyes twinkle and you flash those darling dimples accompanied by cooing. Stella and Grandpa Trace send you into bursts of happiness. You usually will smile at everyone after they say something to you, but with Stella and Grandpa Trace you are just SO happy to see them immediatly. Maybe next month I can be in the list of favorites? I love that you adore your sister, because she completely adores you. She will lay by your side and sing you songs, read you stories, clap your hands and tickle your toes. Today Stella spent 13 minutes just laying on the ground talking you. Yes, 13 minutes. That is an eternity in Stella time. She told you all about her day at pretty school and how she likes to color pictures of the sunshine, she told you how we live at a new house and that she has her own room, she tried to share her string cheese with you, which you did not like, she told you that she loved you about 14 times. She chatted away every aspect of a 2 year olds life, and you just smiled at stared at her. There isn't a night that goes by that I don't pray you two will continue to be the very best of friends.
Ruby, you still continue to be the peaceful spot in this whirl wind, even with your personality sneaking out and all the smiles. I am so grateful for you and those dimples. Thank you for being everything I need.

Love Love

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