Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Month thirty two

Dearest June,
When I originally wrote this, I miscounted the months. You are 32 months old, not 33. It is all sort of blending together. When I started writing these you were 3 months old, and every month something amazing changed and happened and you grew up. Now I feel like these little love letters are more about the new experiences you've had these past months, not that you learned to eat bananas. Life will always be full of new exciting experiences. That is the pure joy of being your mother, every day can be Christmas for you. Watching you ride your bike or blow bubbles, you show the same sparkle of excitement as you do at the prospect of Santa Claus. And I get to introduce those things to you. When you learned to motor around the pool with your floaties on you were chirping, "Look Mom I'm doing it!". My whole world melted as I watched you succeed and smile.You are an exhausting child. Everyone knows this. Completely exhausting in nearly every way, shape or form. But you have become exhausting in the ways that are good. The ways that you want to do things. You want to see the world, and to be honest Ruby and I are having a hard time keeping up with you. Some children sit and read a book, or snuggle and watch a movie. Your explosive energy doesn't allow for things like that. So we do things, lots of things. We do anything we can think of to keep you entertained. This last weekend we went bowling. You had never been bowling. Watching you twirl around to the music as you waited for your ball to return was a moment seared in my memory as happiness. You loved bowling, and you were pretty good at it. Every time you struck a pin you ran all the way over to Ruby and told her all about it, so excited to share it with her. The whole event was, well, more magical than you would have every thought a dirty old bowling alley could be.
We were looking through a cookbook last week and you asked about peaches. Which somehow led to making a peach pie. For the first time you were so excited to make a pie with me. You donned your lady bug apron and your rolling pin and rolled your own pie crust out until it was paper thin. All the while asking who we were going to give it to. Because I usually bake more than one can consume we give a lot of it way, and you already understand that. You decided to give your peach pie to Grandpa Trace. He loved it.
After a day filled with various activities you collapsed in bed with your arms around me and said "Mom, I had the best day with you and Ruby today." My heart is still trying to regain its original form since you melted it. You are full of attitude, smiles, sass, and sweetness. I can't imagine life without your sparkle June Bug.

I love you.

Love Love

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  1. tehmi: i know we didn't really get to know each other well but i love reading your blog. i love these posts that you write to your girls. i think you have to be one of the greatest moms on the planet. you have the cutest little girls in the world!