Sunday, July 11, 2010

Red Pin Friday

This past Friday night I decided it was time Stella learned her way around the local bowling alley, Holiday Lanes. I had properly hyped up the game of bowling, but she really just couldn't understand that we could throw balls inside. I quickly assured her that you only throw balls outside, AND bowling alleys. So after she was a good girl all day we headed down before all the Friday night crowds arrived. We got her shoes, her special ball, the bumpers up and the magic dinosaur ramp and she was ready to go.
She loved it! Between the music and the shoes and the ball arriving up back at her fingertips she was in heaven! In fact she got a strike! On a Red Pin, which meant we received a free game. All in all it was an excellent Friday night. Thanks June bug for pure excitement for things.

Love Love

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Location:Hidden Creek Rd,Heber,United States


  1. Cute! I love the vintage look of those pictures!

  2. adorable! and i love that your posting this from your cool new ipad. i want to play with it when i come visit.