Monday, August 30, 2010

End of Summer

We ran away to Tabiona last weekend, and I must say, we do not run away enough. This time the entire family joined in. It was a full house and was oh so delightful. It was really more like a "last of this crazy summer" weekend. It was Micall and TJ's last weekend here, and Hunters last weekend before summer. Ironically, I found out on Friday in route to Tabiona that the judge had finally signed my divorce papers and I was legally single, so the crazy summer of divorce battle was really truly 100% over. I should have been delighted, but really was pretty grumpy. I'm not sure why, and I tried really hard to curb my bad mood, but it wasn't working. Stella and I were at odds and work was not letting my mind go on a relaxing weekend. I hope I wasn't too much of a buzz kill on the last weekend soiree, I didn't mean to be.

We chopped wood, ate hot dogs on the fire, watched movies, waited for someone to kill something during the bow hunt, ate more food, baked more cookies, and snuggled. Finley and Stella played pretty well, and Ruby motored around while Eliza smiled at everyone from the same spot day after day. The weather was delightful and a perfect ending to it all. I must say though, I am so delighted that fall is in the air. This summer has been way to chaotic and nothing what I wanted it to be. But we survived a critical time, and we survived with our head held high. Cheers to the summer ending. Cheers to Tabiona. Cheers to life as Tolbert again. Cheers to a summer filled with family at every corner and party every night.

Love Love

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