Sunday, August 29, 2010

Month 7

Oh Miss Ruby,
You have once again completely distracted me with your presence. You are all over the place and really are trying to communicate. I was in the shower and you were in my room playing with toys, I wasn't half way through and I looked down and there you were sitting outside the shower yelping for me to pick you up. You don't really scream, its more of a soft constant whine. Unless you are completely fett up with us, then you make your self very known. You ramble on "DaDa DaDa, DaDa" all day. When you are eating your bananas or pears, you say, "MMMMMM, MMMMM, MMM".
 I am not sure how time past by so fast, with your sister, I was counting down every milestone and every new step. I felt like all those moments were slow to come. You are growing up right before my eyes, I'm still savoring every time you do something new and get distracted most of the day with your smiles. But I feel like I woke up and you are 7 months old, it is very surreal. Do you think you could slow down a little bit?
You are getting teeth right now, and it is miserable. It is miserable for everyone. You scream at me. Like really actually SCREAM at me over them. When you are crawling around, you suck on your bottom lip and moan, It is really sad and I hope you will wake up and all your teeth would have cut through. Could you work on that for me? Its making every ones days not that much fun.
You are a mamas girl, and I love it. I LOVE IT. You make my heart feel better, you make my days happier, and you make me worry when you are fussy. But when I hold you, you calm down and we snuggle. I tell you stories or sing you songs and all is well with the world again.
Miss Maine, I am so giddy with your prescence. Thank you for puttering around next to me all day. I love you.

Love Love

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