Friday, August 27, 2010

Battle Won

Today was one of those days that were successful. I'm not sure exactly how we came out ahead but we did, and I really liked it. Stella got out of bed this morning at 6:30am and snuggled next to me. She didn't wake her sister or run her little toes all over me. She fell back asleep until the sunshine peaked through then kissed my cheek good morning. She told me about her dream of an elephant riding her bicycle and how she was eating yogurt. We snuggled until our stomachs growled and we made our way down to the bowls of cereal. She asked nicely for Cheerios and a sippy cup of milk. She ate her breakfast while I hopped in the shower. Of course she had to peak in to make sure that I was getting the soap out of my hair without wiggling, that way it doesn't get in my eyes. When I got out of the shower I found Stella snuggled next to Ruby in her crib. They were both smiling at me, and Stella politely asked me to go get ready why she snuggled with Ruby. I took advantage of the offer and at least put some clothes on. Stella helped me change Ruby and brought her a few toys. We then picked out Stella's clothes and she made not a fuss about putting them on, including her shoes. I painted her toe nails, because they were falling off. And if the toenails fall off she won't be able to walk straight, and she will fall down. I could only smile at the dramatics and of course painted her toes the usual color purple. Stella didn't squeal when I brushed her hair and held still while I braided pretty princess braids. When I was finishing getting ready, she asked if she could make my bed. Of course she made my bed then ran to make hers. I was having so much fun with my little girl, the little girl I had forgotten was in there, that I delayed pretty school and decided to throw a quick cake together. She helped lick the bowl, and even shared with Ruby. She got buckled in her car seat all by herself and chatted about how she was going to cheer extra loud at the football game tonight. She ran into Pretty School, but gave me a big kiss before she took off to feed the bunnies.
It was the first morning routine that didn't involve one outburst, that didn't have a fight or a timeout in it. We got dressed, hair brushed, breakfast eaten all without a hiccup. I held my breath all day, wondering if my sweet Stella would be there when I picked her up from Pretty School. She was indeed! She was happy as a clam and delighted to go to the football game. She chatted about her day and sang along to the radio. She napped and was delighted to share her baby doll with Finley at the game. She didn't run away or cause a scene the entire football game. By the time we got home she was fast asleep, but held on tight as I laid her down and we snuggled for a while. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I'm hopeful we can make a pattern out of today. Everything about my day went better, it all went smoother. I had more energy and focus towards the things I needed to do, and actually pined for Stella to come home so we could play. It was exactly what I needed as her mother, a wonderful reminder of the joy she can be. That there is light at the end of the tunnel, that she can be respectful and enjoyable. She can be the Stella I know and adore, the one that I miss so much. Hopefully I can see this version of Stella a lot more often, it would be more fun for every one I'm sure.

Love Love

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