Monday, August 16, 2010

She Moves

Tonight I was laying Stella down for bed and she started in on one of her several excuses for why I can't leave, and why she can't fall asleep just yet. I usually listen to her for about 6 seconds before I close the door. After I had walked out, she was still yelping about something or other. So I went on with picking up the toys and folding the last load of laundry. About 10 minutes later she was still whining about something, and I wondered if she needed to go potty. I went in to her room, where I was rushed by sweet Stella who was crying sadly about the fact that she did not get to dance to her song for a few minutes. We struck a deal and she could dance for a few minutes then she would have to head straight to bed. She was giddy, and so excited to dance to the music I had on random. That might have been the best excuses not to go to bed, "Mom, I need to dance for a few minutes." Never a dull moment around here.
For your viewing pleasure:


  1. I always need to dance and nobody lets me! I feel her pain, let the girl dance!!!

  2. So sneaky but so funny!

  3. SO CUTE!!!! Hope you are doing well, your girls are adorable!!!