Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
You have some weird shit going on right now and I really wish it would stop. Nobody likes to see somebody ill like that, and I especially don't like it because, well your my mom and I love you as much and sometimes a lot more than my own children. Dad has only made a few nurses cry, and he is on the verge of running around screaming "FIX IT" but he is composed and sick with worry. We all are.
We did all the hard work running around Bondurant, and it was not any fun with out you. I think we should have the boys move all the furniture out to the deck so you can direct traffic again, I didn't do the job justice. I bet for you, they would.They might moan and grumble, but for you they would.
When your all better we are going to have a lot of redo's and I know how much you love to throw a party. So a party it will be! I will make the cake and you will stay coherent for the entire party!! Stella is missing you, and is very curious as to why you are taking so many naps. But I've spun it to a way that she wants to take as many naps, so its actually working in my favor. Tonight when she was saying the prayer over dinner she asked Heavenly Father to bless the glue in your hair, and that you would get better. I'm pretty certain you will get better now, because I mean who turns down a prayer like that? I might have spun the glue scenario my way as well, encouraging her to let me brush her hair without whining so she doesn't end up with hair like yours. I figured if you are going to have electrodes glued to your head I might as well find it as a perk to the morning routine.

We are trying to take care of Dad,  but he's an old dog who doesn't want to learn how to turn on the dishwasher or run the microwave, or all of the other things you does inside the Heber Valley. But on second thought he did go to grocery store so you could have some crackers, even though I forgot them.
You are going to get better, really soon. Probably sooner than you think, because your sense of times these days is a little off. Among other things.We are really glad that you are where you need to be, with geniuses who will figure out all the weirdness.

Love Love
P.S.- I will pet Porsche all week for you. Without gloves on. If that isn't love I don't know what is...