Sunday, September 12, 2010

Month thirty four

Dear Stella,
Welcome back! You seem to have forgotten how to be a total disaster and your behavior is easing up. I am not sure we are out of the woods yet, but making an improvement for sure. In fact you have become so funny these past weeks. We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa last week and you scolded Grandpa Trace for saying the word "Why". He had asked you a question and you looked at him dead square with the most serious face on and said "Grandpa, we don't say that word." Dead serious about the whole ordeal, and without a moment of hesitation you explained to him how we don't say "Why" because it drives me crazy. Everyone in the room couldn't keep a straight face. I wish I could remember more of that nights conversation, but it was sweet and sincere. You would whisper when Grandma Deb took her little naps and one time you snuggled baby Lucy doll in her arms just like when you take a nap. Lucy staid with Grandma for all that evenings naps.
You haven't been sleeping very well, and you stumble into my bed sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I am trying to be better about toting you back to your bed when I realize you are there snuggling with me, but its hard to summon the will power to carry you back to bed at 3am. Most of the time you wake up about 6:30am and come to bed and snuggle with me, unless I'm already awake then there is no hope for you to go back to sleep and you usually end up pretty grumpy. But we feed you breakfast and turn on Syd the Science kid and you zone out. You have moved on from your Sesame Street only stage of life. Mostly because we don't have a DVR and its not on at 7am. Its fun to watch you learn new things and new characters. You now run around with screeching like a teradactile, because of the Dinosaur Train and love to read the super letters from Super Why.
You have fallen in love with Uncle Hunters football games and its so cute to watch you cheer him on! You yell "GO HUNTER GO!" Over and over again, and you spend you days practicing. It really is so cute to watch you get so excited for the games. You are pretty good during the games and pay attention longer than you do anything else. I feel slightly bad when I go to the games and you aren't with me, you're so easy at them and really love them. I'm sure there will be more and more games for you to cheer on over the years.
June Bug, thank you so much for bringing so much love and laughter to our household. When your not here I hate the quiet and miss you more than anything. The nights you come back from your dads I want you to stay awake all night long so we can play and you'll tell me about your day. You are my happy spot. I love you.

Love Love

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