Thursday, September 30, 2010

Number Eight

Hunter and I are each others, other half. When we go to restaurants we are counted as a pair or when we have to split up passengers for the drive, he comes with me. He takes care of me, and I take care of him. We geek out on our iPads together and follow MacWorld updates. Stella adores him and Ruby giggles at him. We talk about who we are crushing on or what happened in photography class. He gets mad at me when I don't give enough mention of his MONSTER deer and I help him with his wardrobe.

We were the best room mates. 

I love football, and even more so when I'm watching him play. He went from crying in family football to lighting it up tonight for my Wasatch Wasps. An interception, a touchdown and tackle after tackle. We were able to take my mom to the game tonight and she was like a little kid in a candy store. We propped her up in the back of the end zone and it was perfect. Then the number eight caught a 65 yard touchdown pass and ran it straight towards her, it was unreal. She cried. We screamed. It was amazing. This kid is good. Really good.
And, well he looks just like Zac Effron.

Love Love

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  1. I loved every minute of that game!!! The highlight of my month. (I'm aware that bar is pretty low), but it was a great time.