Thursday, September 30, 2010

Month 8

Ruby Maine,You are eight months old! 8 months! Wow. You are crawling, you are standing, you are wiggling, you are jibbering and eating up a storm. All of these really great and amazing milestones are happening but yet, well you are still really small. Which is nice for me, it allows me to hold on to you in this baby stage for just a little bit longer.
You are a snuggler. You lay on my chest and I can feel you breathing. It's the best feeling. It's like we both get to just relax and enjoy this moment, its almost like you know when I need to just sit and hold you. Aren't I the one who is supposed to be teaching you all things like that? Instead I have learned so much from you Miss Ruby.

You are still in love with your Grandpa Trace. It's amazing how much your little body tenses up with excitement when you see or hear him. I hope you always love him, he's the best Grandpa. Along with Grandpa Trace, Stella is your favorite these days. Even though she has been a lot more rough with you, you still love when she is near you. When we pick her up from pretty school you make sure to try to wiggle your way out of the straps of the car seat so you can see her. If you are dead asleep when we arrive, you most always are awake when Stella climbs in the car. You know she is coming and can't wait to see her.

You are crawling around like a mad man these days, but you don't usually crawl on your hands and knees. More like your toes and fingers. It's scary because I found you standing in the middle of the room yesterday. You are going to be walking in no time at all. Can't you just slow down a little bit?
Ruby, I am so happy you are mine. I am so grateful I get to lay on the floor with you and play. I love that you say "Mom" and giggle at me when I walk into your room. I can't thank you enough for being everything I need.

Love Love


  1. Beautiful post, Tehmi! I actually teared up, because my baby girl is turning 12 in just a little over a week. I can't stand it! Do you remember babysitting her? You were the one and only non family sitter she ever had, a pretty special distinction. Your girls are beautiful, and you are so clearly a wonderful mother. Thanks for letting me peek into your life:)

  2. goll she's cute! Those eyes...... your girls sure are beautiful.

  3. She is baby model gorgeous! You should enter some of your photos!