Thursday, October 21, 2010

First Day of Pretty School

Work is getting crazier and Ruby is getting much more mobile, so I decided that it was time for Ruby to join Stella at Pretty School once a week. I am not sure who was more excited about it, Stella or Pretty School. The first time I took Stella to daycare I cried the rest of the way to work. But as I watched Stella hold Ruby and show her off to all her friends I realized that Ruby will be just fine. She has her sister there with her, and there isn't anything to be sad about. Stella and Ruby are the only constant in each others lives. I can't be with them when they are visiting their dad, and vice versa. But they have each other and I think they are pretty lucky.
Of course a photo needed to be taken. It was the first official day of Pretty School.

Pretty much sums it all up right? Stella dresses herself and couldn't be more excited for school and Ruby is still blurry eyed from a long nights sleep. Classic.
I love these girls.
Love Love

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