Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Month thirty five

My oh My June bug,
We survived another month, and we survived with bells and whistles. I can't believe you are getting so old. Only one more month and you will be 3 years old. I was reading back through about the last 11 months and watching some video clips, you have grown so much. I forget that you were once my baby some times, you are just so much my little friend and shadow now.

I was in the passenger seat of the car last week while you were with your dad and a great song came on the radio; I found myself dancing in the seat and singing all the wrong words. When I caught myself, I realized that you are me and I am you. It made me smile and miss you.
You are a busy girl and you love it. You go to bed wanting to know what your agenda is going to be for the next day, and one item is not enough. You need lots of activities to fill it. You adore pretty school, and football games. You enjoy going to see your dad in Salt Lake and we dance and listen to music really loud all the way there. You love to talk on the phone, and call everyone I have called in the last 24 hours. You just want to be busy and social, and when there is a break in the social calendar you enjoy being by yourself doing your own thing. It's cute.
This past month you have decided that you have imaginary friends. They are animals. It started with your bunnies, and the bunnies go everywhere with us. You hold them in your cupped hand and protect them. Then you got puppies, and most recently you have a snake named skunk. You take them on walks, and put them in time out. You tell them stories and they tell you stories. They have a special spot in your "pack pack" so that they can go to pretty school. It is the funniest thing to watch you walk around pretending to hold a leash for your puppies and your other hand cupped with bunnies inside of it. Your imagination is so creative and always churning.
June Bug, I love you so much. As often as we war back and forth, we have so much fun together. Thank you for being so much fun.

Love Love

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