Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Because I need one more change

Because the year 2010 has been nothing but change and transition, I thought to myself, why not change every single aspect of my life all at once and just get it over with? The job hunt began and has finally ended. After 5 years of an amazing learning experience and a constant roller coaster I am no longer the last man standing at MStar/Primetime. I have felt extremely fortunate to have worked with some incredible people and been given the opportunity to work from home for the last 3 years which has been priceless.

Seriously. It was great, but whats on the horizon is going to be so much better! Funny, that's how I sort of feel about my previous marriage. 

I'm no longer going to be working full time from home and that will be the very hardest transition I will make in the year 2010. This will be harder than having a baby, harder than leaving my husband and life in Salt Lake City, harder than moving into my parents basement and falling apart, harder than a custody battle, much harder than signing divorce papers, harder than moving out on my own, and  living on my own. But life isn't easy, and really if it was what kind of fun would that be? The girls will be together at "Pretty School" and they haven't missed a beat. My commute to Park City is only 13 minutes and all the eye contact and adult conversations is beyond refreshing. I am frantically trying to update a wardrobe that is acceptable. I hadn't realized how much my "work" wardrobe had evolved into tee shirts and yoga pants. We are being forced to be organized and have things ready the night before and plans are scheduled and secured in advance. Alarms are being set and everything!
Really though, as much as my heart breaks to be without Ruby and Stella daily, this is the right thing for us. We will settle into a new routine, again, and it will be great. I am going to try and continue taking enormous amounts of photos and focus a lot more on enjoying the girls for the time that I get to be with them; refilling my canteen with their smiles and bubbling personality. It will get me through the days without them and especially the weekends that they are with their dad.
Cheers for another life changing event in the year 2010! I am hoping for this to be the last life altering change for a while...
Love Love


  1. yay! Sounds like things are going great for you right now! Want you to know I'm thinking of you and really do think you are an amazing person!!!

  2. Good luck with the new job! You'll be able to handle the change for sure.

  3. good for you! can't wait to hear all of the new job details at christmas! love you!!!