Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Month 11

Dear Ruby,
Well baby girl, another month passed and you still managed to have me wrapped around your finger. Well done. In fact you have everyone wrapped around your finger. Not in the same way that you did months ago, in a new sort of way, a way that you must be learning from your sister. You are a fine frenzy child. You move and shake and smile and screech just like I would expect you to. You don't snuggle, you don't sit, you don't lay still. You are in to everything, crawling wicked fast, and still think you can go down the stairs head first. I suppose you just want to see whats ahead of you. Baby girl, sometimes we don't always get to see whats ahead of us and we have to go down the stairs backwards.
You love to screech, or squeal, or yelp or really any usage of your vocal cords. You love your sister, and nothing gets you more excited than seeing her. Its a good thing that she feels the same way about you. I hope you to always love each other. Together you take baths and its your favorite part of the evening. Its my favorite part of the evening too. I should just get in there with you guys because I end up just as wet. Stella gave you bath toys for Christmas and it is a complete struggle to get you OUT of the tub, and if I put Stella in before you, you stand at the edge of the tub trying to get in, and of course screaming the entire time.

As busy as you are, you didn't care much for the Christmas tree, which I was relieved by. You would rather play in the toys then stare at the silly tree. You don't spend much time at home these days, so when you are there its a novelty. You cruise the stairs and play with your toys. You hang out in your high chair and eat anything. We have discovered that you in a high chair is the only place I can contain you. A hand full of lucky charms and a string cheese and you are contained for a solid 45 minutes.
Red Dress, I wish more than anything I could spend the days with you. That we could snuggle and I could lay on the floor with you. That I would get to feed you lunch and know what your nap schedule is, that we could bake cookies and play with magnets on the fridge all day. But we will get there, it won't always be like this and we do nothing but enjoy each other when we do get to play. You are never with out Stella and she takes good care of you, and I hope that you take care of her too.
I love you baby girl!

love love

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