Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Month Thirty Seven

Dear June,
Well. What can I say? You are three years and 1 month old now. And lets just say, you are the funniest little girl. You say the strangest things, the things that I turn around and go, "where in the world did you come up with that?" But lets be honest, it's hilarious. Seriously, you are a constant laugh. A couple of weeks ago we were at my bosses house resurrecting a computer and it was late and you didn't know where the bathroom was. You came running over to me holding yourself then paused, looked at me and said "dammiiiitttt, I peed my pants." Then you walked away. I couldn't do anything but laugh as we promptly left to get you cleaned up.
 You say really funny things, but you also say really nice, sweet things. You say that you love me about a hundred times a day, or that you are really happy to see me. During the week when you are puttering around you will yell at me until I answer with the same enthusiasm, then you just respond with, "I LOVE YOU." I have to remind myself that you might not always tell me that, I can't imagine you as a teenager coming in the door just screaming "I LOVE YOU MOM". Wait, maybe, I have been known to walk in my parents house and just yell things from the top of my lungs.

This year you totally dug Santa Claus. We saw him at the traditional Tolbert Christmas party and you were so excited when he came to see you. And then of course after we read Luke chapter 2, and Grandma asked what the true meaning of Christmas was, you just had to spit out, "TO SEE SANTA!!" I guess it was to much to ask for us to have a serious moment with a couple dozen children under the age of 10.
Every morning you are still so delighted to go wake up Ruby, and you are so excited to take her to pretty school and tell her about everything fantastic that is happening.It snowed the other day and you had been watching it from your window. Then you heard Ruby wake up and ran into her room so excited to tell her all about the snow. I wish I could just capture your pure excitement for things. Your facial expressions and your words, you are like watching a sparkler pop on the fourth of July.
June, you make my cup runith over. You are pure happiness in my life and I couldn't be more delighted to start my day with you. You are so smart and charming. You know how to work a situation, when it's time to be on point and when it's OK to just play. You are three years old and you get it.
Little girl, you are going to go far in this world, I promise you that.

Love Love

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  1. Your girls are getting huge, they seriously are the cutest girls ever! And you look beautiful all the time! I miss seeing you all the time!