Monday, December 20, 2010


I was going to bake Gingerbread from scratch. I had already researched my pattern on the Internet, written down my recipe and just needed to go to the store. Then life happened and for some reason or another my gingerbread didn't get made. So I told Stella maybe tomorrow, then after tomorrow I told her soon. Then after soon I told Kevin maybe next week. After finally going to the grocery store I saw that they had a gingerbread kit. I stared and stared at it for way to long, finally I put it in the cart and decided that I am not going to have time or energy to build from scratch gingerbread, but I do have time to decorate one. We aren't going to eat the house after wards and I have a gingerbread candle so a kit will be just fine. So I bought the kit and then it sat on the counter. For another week. Until finally Kevin showed up and took Stella by the hand and said, "Now is when we decorate this gingerbread house Stella!" And decorate indeed they did. Kevin had to keep reminding me that this was a 3 year olds gingerbread house and if I wanted it to be immaculate that I should decorate my own. So I took a few deep breaths and helped indulge Stella with her fantastic gingerbread house.
Thanks tall friend for making sure that we kept up with the Christmas spirit!

love love

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