Sunday, December 12, 2010


Thanksgiving was an interesting one, as always I suppose. Because I started my new job just a week prior I decided to stick around for work on Friday after Thanksgiving. This leaving me to far away from Bondurant for an up and back trip. So we joined Kevin at Thanksgiving and it was really great actually. I got to enjoy great food and sit with Ash and gang all afternoon. Not one thing wrong with that! After work on Friday we headed up to the rest of the Tolbert family, where they were anxiously awaiting my arrival, okay, so they were waiting for me to make pie. Which I spent all day Saturday chatting with my family, watching Stella and Finley play in the snow, seeing Ruby fall asleep on Kevin's shoulder in front of the fire, and baking pie after pie after pie. The snow fell, snow angels were made and games were played(?) (Since when did we play games I don't know, but it was fun), we laughed and didn't stay long enough. Thanksgiving should be peaceful and full of family, snow, and me making lots and lots of pie, and this year it was all of those things! Happy Thanksgiving!

love love

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