Friday, January 21, 2011

Bullet Points

  • Ruby has turned into her sister. She is very busy.
  • Stella asks if we can keep Kevin. She wants him to live in the basement where she can put airplanes on the wall above his pillow, in which she will share her pillow. 
  • Kevin spoils Stella and Ruby with presents, he is no dummy.
  • Deb is getting better, very slowly. The fire in her eyes is coming back.
  • When I go to do site visits and repair things for work, people don't believe that I am the IT person. I have to show them my business card, fix their problem, and then they believe me.
  • Ruby crawls up the stairs, and down the stairs. Both very quickly.
  • Traffic in Park City is crazy, silly Film Festival.
  • I have a hard time refraining from yelling at inanimate objects. Mostly Printers. 
  • My MacBook died. I don't want to talk about it, too soon.
  • Stella sings primary songs at the top of her lungs. Her favorites are "The Snowman Song", "Popcorn" and of course "The Sunbeam"!
  • The girls love. LOVE. LOOOVE. the tub. They both adore splashing and playing in the water.
  • Ruby has 6 teeth now. 
  • Kevin is learning what its like to take the girls to restaurants. It's not relaxing.
  • He is also learning that ice cream at the end of the meal definitely helps ease the chaos.
  • Stella has been gangster punching Ruby in the back of the head when she isn't looking. It's a problem.
  • Ruby retaliates from the gangster punching by pulling Stella's hair.
  • We have 1pm church now, I kind of like it. I wake up and bake things before dinner. I still manage to be late though.
  • We eat lots and lots of fish tacos because Kevin and Ruby love them more than Stella and I do.
  • We ran out of diet coke and Stella called Kevin to tell him of the tragedy.
  • Ruby participates in Dance Parties now. She bounces up and down, squawking.
  • Ruby walks about 3 steps before she gives up.
  • Lupe, the puppy, thinks that Stella and Ruby are fun chew toys.
  • Stella learned how to work the Apple TV. She thinks she can watch whatever she wants now.
  • The 7-11 across the parking lot has Wildberry Mango Tootsie Pops. They are good. 
  • Life is calm. Stable. Happy.
  • I'm really happy. 
love love


  1. I was laughing out loud at work about the gangster punching.....I know what you are going through. Its awesome! Love ya, glad your happy :)

  2. So cute Tehmi!! I am so glad you are happy and that your cute Mom is getting better!

  3. My favorite bullet is the one about the Tootsie pops. It's the little things that make life so good. :)

  4. love it. The life of kids! It keeps you entertained! Glad your mom is getting better.