Thursday, January 20, 2011

Month Thirty Eight

June Bug,
What a delight you have been this last month. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed just being with you, just listening to what you have to say. You decided that you love Kevin. It was like it took you a few months to wrap your head around the idea that he was a part of our life, and now that you have, well you like him a lot. You call him in the mornings and tell him about your dreams, you ask him if he can come pick you up from pretty school, and if you can eat at the Dairy Keen together. You feel more and more grown up to me this last month. Maybe because your not throwing tantrums, or yelling at me. You are sweet and kind.
You became a Sunbeam in church and oh how you love it! You sing all the songs and come bouncing around singing versions of them that Grandpa Trace would be so proud of. Along with being a sunbeam you are now the designated prayer at our house and it is so cute. You don't need any help and you always ask that Grandma Deb gets better and that we will keep Kevin. Sometimes I get thrown in there to be sure to be a good girl, or that Ruby doesn't fall down the stairs. Whatever the topic is, it is sweet and sincere.
For Christmas you got the game "Candyland" and we have been playing it non stop it feels like! The thing about it is, your good at it. I know its just a game of cards and colors. But you know how to play and you play by the rules, and take turns. Playing Candyland is nothing like what I imagined playing a board game with a 3 year old would be like. You usually win and get so excited that you've won, but then always say, "Maybe next time you will get to the end first Mom". I just want to keep playing with you to watch your tilt your head and console the loser of the game. It is fantastic.
Last night you came home from your Dads asleep and continued to be asleep curled up next to Kevin while I wrestled Ruby to bed. When I came to get you, you curled up on my shoulder and whispered "I always come back to you". It's a wonder how my heart maintains any shape with you melting it with lines like that.
June, as the months continue and you get bigger and bigger I hope that you stay as sweet and kind as you have been the last few weeks, I hope that I don't jinx it.
I love you Stella June Bug!

Love Love

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