Thursday, February 17, 2011

a lot jealous

Tall friend went to Mexico today. I am a lot jealous, even though I told him to go without me. Even though I told him we could talk about it and he could be excited, I'm a lot jealous. Even though I told him not to wear plaid shorts and that SPF 50 was silly, he took both. He went to Mexico without me. When he got there he sent me a picture of the beach with a note that said it was 83 degrees with a perfect ocean breeze. I looked outside and there was 3 feet of snow and a brisk wind blowing snow sideways. I told him no more pictures.
Tall friend is busy playing golf and snorkling and not sending text messages back and forth. He is taking walks on the beach with his sister instead of talking to me on my way home from work.
I didn't get to tell him about my day. I didn't get to bore him about the front desk girl, or how I saw the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition. I didn't get to tell him how I won the fight with a printer and that I only yelled at an inanimate object once. He didn't get to hear about Stella's day, or how Ruby's hair looks homeless.
He is laying on the beach in 83 degree weather eating guacamole enjoying a pina colada. To be honest, I don't think I would want to hear about our boring, snowy day either. Oh and guess who else is laying on the beach? Deb and Trace.
Nobody is around to hear about how I got into a fight with the printer, and I won. They are all at the beach.

I need more friends.
And a vacation.


  1. ummmmm.... I heard about how you got into a fight with the printer and won. And I told you how homeless Ruby's hair looks, so yes Tall friend and Mom and Dad are on the beach but the rest of us aren't. In fact I'm coming to go to lunch with you RIGHT now so buck up little soldier :)

  2. I'm not at the beach either. Rip off. I think we should spend the day mad at everyone at the beach! We can get over it tomorrow. But for today - let's get angry!