Thursday, February 3, 2011

Party number 1

In my mind weeks and weeks of birthday celebration is ideal, so of course the girls get spoiled on more than one occasion. Last week we had Ruby's first first birthday party. The girls were headed to their dads for the weekend so we celebrated at home before hand. Hunter joined us, and mostly took photos, which is my favorite thing. Ruby red dress was spoiled by everyone and it was so fun to watch her rip into all those presents. Stella was very very helpful and wasn't thrilled that Ruby was getting all the attention. The biggest hit would be the 2 dozen balloons that Kevin arrived with.  All in all the first round of the birthday celebration were a huge success!

 love love


  1. she is perfect. gosh, i love your girls! and you. and kevin. love you all

  2. Your girls are the cutest ever!

  3. She is seriously so sweet!

    PS I LOVE your hair!