Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 We were able to score some great tickets to a couple of shows at the Sundance Film Festival this year. Aside from the films, the best part of the festival is all the great people watching! My office window overlooks Prospector Square, and what was this years film headquarters. Oh the outfits, oh the skinny jeans, oh the furry boots and furry hats. We ate great meals and enjoyed the whole event. We saw Ed Helms new film "Cedar Rapids". It was fantastic. Fantastic. We were still laughing about it the next morning! Highly recommended. We also saw Kevin Smith, Anne Heche, James Franco, Steve Carrell and his wife, Will and Jada Smith, and Elizabeth Banks hanging out around town. Every time I saw someone famous, I just thought of my friend Kass, hopefully my famous people spotting helped my numbers in the race.

We also were there to witness the protest, the protesters protesting the protest and the high school kids mocking the whole ordeal. It was actually very funny. The movie was terrible. And Kevin Smith bugs.

Thanks tall friend for a great weekend bumming around with artsy film yuppies!

love love

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