Monday, February 28, 2011

the ROI

This last weekend was one of intricate schedules and timeframes. Busy events were planned around the clock, all great events and "to dos" were to be had. The top of the list was a ski day that could not be trumped. Well maybe, maybe if our sleepy mother could have joined us. This time she was at least enthralled in a painting class. Trace, Brian, Myself, Micall, TJ, and Hunter all skied our legs into the feet of fluffy fresh powder. As we rode up the lift countless time it kept taking over my mind that this has to be one of the greatest rewards as a parent, something I can't wait for with the girls. All the "edgy- wedgy's" and half ski days teaching the kids does pay off. It all pays off on a powder day 20 years later. 20 years later when they are all racing down the mountain with great form and giant smiles on their faces. It was so fun to ski with my siblings, to be "ski snobs", to be reminded that my goggles have created a down syndrome look, having people from out of town follow us in awe because we know how to get to the bottom better than most, the have heart to hearts on the lift, the lunch run that goes a little long because we can't stop laughing and of course the greatest snow on earth.

Thank you Mom and Dad for creating the funnest group of people to ski with, I can not imagine skiing with any one else. I don't want to ski with anyone else in fact, well maybe we can add a few more little girls over the years.

Oh and my legs still feel like noodles.
love love


  1. Sometimes, somethings pay off big. The money we spent when we really couldn't afford it on kids that really weren't good enough to justify the expense, was money well spent. The moments then and the times now are truly priceless. Remember to pay your dues, it is always worth it.

  2. That last comment was mine! Love all you little ski bums. Deb