Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Weekend

We celebrated Easter weekend just a week earlier this year; the girls will be at their dad's next week. Regardless of the date and time of the holiday it was celebrated none the less. We started the weekend out with an Easter Egg hunt with Grandma Jan. It was perfect indeed. Then we spent the day laying on the grass enjoying the sunshine. Oh how I do love the sunshine. The girls ran around and played with Grandma Jan and Grandpa Richard; throwing balls and carrying around their Easter egg baskets. It was so relaxing!

That silly Easter bunny didn't come when the girls woke up, he must have been running late as June told me; We were waiting for Kevin to join us. Then the Easter Bunny "sneaked" in while I was getting Stella's hair ready for church. She even heard a hop. He brought way to many presents and not enough candy. Really. I'm pretty sure I can control how much candy the stupid bunny brings, and well he just brought KitKats. Fail me. Also, why is it a Easter Bunny bringing Eggs? I just don't understand, and have no good explanation for Stella when she asks. Yes she already asked. I'm blaming Hallmark.
Then after wrestling the girls into their new Easter Dresses of course a few hundred photos were taken... Please notice the shiny white shoes. Kevin had a vision and little girls Easter Dresses include shiny white shoes. Not just leather white shoes, or silver or even pink. Shiny White Shoes.

Just as years past it wouldn't be an Easter Sunday without the traditional photo on the stairs. It wasn't as funny as years past because it was just us, but I'm sure we can remedy that next week.

After dining on ham and funeral potatoes we laid around watching Tangled and configuring my new work computer. Stella was struggling with a cough and fever, and it was terribly sad to see her sick. But at the same time, kind of nice to have her snuggled on my chest listening to her sing the songs from Tangled. It was all I could do to help Kevin understand that we can't just take the fever ridden child to the ER, to just keep on top of the Tylenol and make her comfortable. It was very cute to see how sad and helpless he felt. He just can't snap out of the "safety first" thought process. All in all, it was a great weekend! We relaxed, spent time with our families, spent time with each other, played and as you can see took a few photos.
Happy Easter!
love love


  1. Cute, cute girls Tehmi!

  2. So totally cute! I love all your posts and pictures! Stellas hair is getting so long, and I love Ruby's wild kids hair is barely coming in and it's always fuzzy and sticking out all over. What do ya do.