Friday, April 15, 2011

Month 14

Oh Miss Ruby,
Oh what another month has brought. We are still following the same trend as last month; You are funny. You are a spit fire. You jabber non stop. You eat everything. You gave up the binky. You yell at me until you get what you want. Stella still plays with you. You don't always want to play with Stella. You want the toys she has, the game she is playing with, the blanket she is snuggling with, the baggie of snacks she is eating or the sippy cup. Even if yours is exactly the same, you want Stellas. You also have started this new thing, you hit. I'm not so fond of this. When June is playing with a toy that you want, your response is to hit her. Well then Stella hits you back and then both of you are crying. We are working on it.
Your new favorite past time is right before bath time when I strip you down naked. You could run around naked forever if I would let you. You run from one end of the house to the other with your pot belly keeping you in balance. It is so funny! You run over to me bury your head in my shoulder then run away. You roll around on the ground in circles continually, which is actually funnier than it is awkward. You just love to be naked. I fear for the summer time and that we will be known as the house with the naked kids and their bad hair.
You also have begun playing games like patty cake or hide and seek. You will hide behind Kevin and when you think he isn't looking you crook your head around until he sees you. Then you will laugh and laugh. I must admit, it's the highlight of my night, watching you play.

This last month I have been craving the days of when you would lay on my chest. I might have taken you from your peaceful stink bug position in bed and snuggled your sleeping body in the rocking chair to get my fix. You are so busy these days that I don't get to just be with you. I guess that is all part of you growing up. I still can't believe you are 14 months old. Even though you are getting bigger you are still my little red dress. You are still my baby girl. I love you.

love love

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