Friday, April 15, 2011

Morning Chuckle

Every morning I sit down at my desk, I turn on my computer, unpack all of my other gadgets and get set up for the day. I turn on the music, which lately has been Mumford & Sons. I tap the flower button on my iPad and the girls photos are now sitting in front of me. I answer emails, and get my to do list started. I load my geeky blog feed, check macworld, gizmodo and appadvice to see if I missed anything or if something fantastic happened in the tech world. I don't browse YouTube. Stupid home videos drive me crazy. Unless someone tells me specifically to watch it, I won't. I hate America's Funniest Home Videos. Hate. And I feel like 97% of YouTube is that. But today on Gizmodo they did a blurb on Dancing at the Apple Store. Why are so many people dancing around in front of the iSight camera? I started to watch about 30 seconds of it and was totally bugged by the first blonde. But then I clicked the next one for some reason and found myself laughing out loud. I'm not sure why this struck me as funny, but it did. It did indeed strike me as hilarious. Please feel free to watch, but if watching stupid video's on the internet isn't your thing, I UNDERSTAND.

love love


  1. The best part of this video is the super stupid chick in the background who is staring at the kid like he's a freak. When really she's the one that looks like a ridiculous idiot because she has a freaking dead animal hat on her head and her bra is hanging out of her trendy shirt.
    Take the dumb ass hat of your head girl and start acting like a the normal person who's cool enough to dance for the isight.
    Love ya themi!

  2. Love it. I love the dumb girl with the animal hat and her wedgy-picking friend looking at him like HE'S the weird one.

  3. you just got me and kyle watching iTr3vor's youtube channel for like an hour. hilarious. and i share your hate of youtube home videos. love love