Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Set of Bullet Points

I feel like when I get behind on blogging, which is more often than not these days, I just catch up with bullet points. So here ya go...
  • Work has slowed down so the energy has died and I want to be at home with the girls immensely.
  • The snow is still falling
  • I have been building an iPad app for work. It's pretty fun.
  • Stella just wants to be outside riding her bike
  • Ruby yells at me when she wants anything. Which is usually food.
  • Ruby also wakes up in the morning YELLING "DELLA". "DELLA". "DELLA".
  • The girls ride a little scooter thing around my kitchen together all day.
  • Kevin has become a pusher of bad habits like: FairyFetti Cupcakes, Friday Night Lights, Guacamole, and snack time.
  • It takes Ruby 10 minutes of running around naked before I can wrestle her into the tub.
  • June rides her bike really fast and forgets to watch where she is going. Terrifies me.
  • Our calendars are getting filled up with summer plans and vacations
  • We went to St. George and stayed outside the entire time because the sun was shining.
  • I have been trying to cook dinner every night of the week. 
  • So far, Kevin requests Fish Tacos more than any thing else.
  • I'm totally addicted to Tiny Wings
  • Kevin is really bad at Tiny Wings
  • We took the girls to the kids museum, they were exhausted after an hour.
  • We have had to ban Dora from our house, Stella is terrified that the Sneaky Fox is going to swipe her dreams again. 
  • Kevin got a new car. He is bribing Stella with DVD players.
  • Ruby gave up the Binky
  • I forgot to put a bra on at the temple. AGAIN.
  • Kevin thinks that "I was born to walk in high heels". Yes he did say that out loud.
  • Ruby's hair is still terrible. 
  • I have a new frozen yogurt addiction, courtesy of Micall.
  • We went bowling with Ruby. It was way to exhausting.
  • Stella has been living in her rain boots and is sure to tell us that she doesn't have a rain coat to match.
  • Kevin and I attended a black tie dinner. I didn't even stumble in my 6 inch heels. Impressive.
  • Things are still calm and steady.
I thought I would accompany today's pathetic bullet point list with a few photos. And I promise to try blogging on a more regular basis.  


love love

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