Sunday, March 27, 2011

Month Forty

Dearest June,
June! You are 40 months old?! Can you believe that? Your getting to be so big and grown up it startles me every time I think about it. The last couple of weeks I keep going into my closet wondering when I tossed those clothes in there, or when I tried that on and didn't hang it back up. It has been baffling my mind. Then I got out of the shower a few days ago and you exited my closet wearing my trousers and a blouse. You had the silliest grin on your face and all the clothes on the ground made a lot more sense. You have been trying on my clothes and wandering around with my glasses on cracking yourself up. I got a new pair of very high heeled patent leather pumps for an event, I told you that they were my party shoes. You have a pair of sparkly party shoes that you've worn holes in. I walked into your room yesterday and there you stood wearing my party shoes, smiling you said "Look Mom, I'm a party girl". I couldn't help but wrap my arms around you and laugh.
Every night when we snuggle in bed we read a story, the usual suspects are Lama Lama books, Mr. Magee learns to Ski and Sammy the Seal. Since we both can read all of these books with our eyes closed I decided it was time to start reading bigger books. So for our first chapter book I've been reading you Charolette's Web. It's a struggle for you to not try and turn the pages before I've finished reading them, but you are so excited to hear about the spider and always wonder where the little girl Fern is. It makes reading a story much nicer at bedtime. I can remember my mom reading books to Hunter when he was your age, and we all snuggled in next to her to hear them. I'm sure soon Ruby will join us, but for now I love our story time.
These last few weeks you have been such a good kid. You have settled back into normalcy and I am savoring every moment I can. You are helpful and sweet. You listen to me when I ask you to do things and tell me all about your day. You thrive on our routines and when I mess it up, you make sure to put us right back on course. You are thrilled that the snow has melted enough to see the grass, and that there is sun shining when we get home from pretty school. You are riding your bike extra fast and just want to be outside. I love that about you. I love that you just want to be outside playing. Soon the sun will be warm and the grass will be green and we will play outside all day long.
June bug, I love you so much. I am so happy you are mine. You are challenging and exhausting but the joy you bring is so overwhelming it consumes my heart. Thank you for riding this roller coaster with me, I can't think of anyone else I would want to ride it with.

love love


  1. what a beauty! You both look great. Glad that you guys are doing so well. Your girls are so darling, I love hearing about them. :)

  2. Crazy who you run into while blog stalking. You have a couple of very cute girls, well done.
    Shea R

  3. I cannot believe how much and has fast she is growing! Beauty!!