Friday, June 24, 2011

Month 15, 16 & 17

Dearest Ruby,
Yes, it happened it. I really really wanted to make sure that I never missed a month of these silly letters, but then I missed one, and a second and now I'm three months behind. You are now 17 months old! And you are awfully feisty these days. I am not sure if it's because you can't communicate the way you want or, if you are just a Tolbert and the feistiness isn't going away. In addition to being a spit fire, you are oh so busy. Up and down, in and out, always. The last few months have been a whirlwind it feels like. We are always chasing you around. You comprehend so much more these days. You can say a few key words like "cheese", "nanananana", "DELLA", "nigh, nigh", "Dad", "mom", and most importantly you say "Bampa".

Last week we were driving down the road, the same road that we drive down to get to your grandparents house and you exploded in the giggles and started yelping "Bampa?" "Bampa?". We decided to make a detour and go see if Grandpa Trace was home. I was hopeful you would still keep saying his name, so someone else could hear it and believe me when I retold the story. You did not disappoint. We pulled into the driveway and your sister bolted for the trampoline and you and I headed into find "Bampa". All the way into the house you and until we found him you kept repeating, "Bampa?, Bampa?, Bampa?" When we did find him you curled up in his lap and clapped your hands. I wondered if you would still have eyes for him after I married Kevin and you grew more attached to him instead of Grandpa Trace. No more wondering, you know where he is and how to get to your "Bampa".
These days you bring me a ziploc baggy for me to put  food in. I would say that 80% of the time you are carrying around a baggy full of something. Whether it's dry cereal, trail mix, marshmellows, raisins, crackers, popcorn, or apple slices. It doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's in a baggy you'll eat it. And you definitely don't sit quietly in a car seat without a baggy of some sorts. 
Since you bring me things now, like your blanket or ziploc's, you also take me to places. You will yelp until I reach out my finger and you grab on, you will guide me to all the places you want to go. It is actually kind of fun to go on your size adventure. Usually it is to places that you are locked out of, like the fence in the backyard. You walk me over to the gate so I will open it and you can go play in the driveway. Or if you can't carry something up the stairs you will bring me to the toy and hand it to me then walk up the stairs. You are quickly figuring out how to get what you want.
When you don't get what you want you are mad. Like really mad. Your whole body gets stiff and you tilt your head and back start to shake in anger. I can't help but laugh at it. Which really doesn't help you with that anger situation. But when it happens all I wish for is my camera to capture the moment but I can't help but laugh instead. Sometimes though when you do get mad, you start to hit. You've been doing this for a few months now, but it is getting bad. You hit Stella now when she doesn't do what you want her to do, and then Stella hits you back because she is bigger and it makes sense for her. We are teaching you the word no, and sometimes it feels like it only brings out your angry face even more. Which I guess makes me laugh regardless, so I will keep pushing forward with it.
You are always on the go, jabbering up a storm, following your sister around doing what she does. Your hair is still oh so dreadful, but your smile is perfect. Your little gap teeth are exactly like Stella's, who most likely got them from me. Your eyes are blue as blue but green around the center and everyone comments about a blue eyed dark haired beauty. I think I would have to agree. You are the light of our home Ruby red dress. The moment you come in the door everything feels better. Thank you for keeping us on our toes and laughing most of the day.
love love

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