Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July

Yeah I know last week was the 4th of July and you already read about everyone's great holiday weekends because they are prompt and on time about documenting their lives. Well, I'm not so much these days. Sorry Dad.
I want to be better, but I want to do other things more. So here, a week late, which is better than two weeks or even never, our 4th of July adventures.

We decided that we could stay home for the 4th of July, we coined it our "staycation". On Friday, we played hooky from work and went to 7 peaks. Yep. We joined the hundreds of other people with their seasons passes and went to the water park. It was actually really fun. I didn't document this event because I was too busy chasing the 1 year old who was trying to wade her way through kiddy pools and lazy rivers. Ruby is fearless. I think she is fearless because Stella is fearless, but Stella has longer legs so it seems to be easier for her to maneuver around the water. Kevin got sunburned and me and the girls came home with a golden tan. We barbecued up some fish and enjoyed the summer air all night long.
Saturday we ventured to Utah County for the Stadium of Fire. We brought both the girls to the event and I think Kevin was really nervous. He is catching on with how busy Ruby is. But to our surprise she was a dreamboat. She just watched the whole show eating some carrots and dancing around. I was nervous about all the people, the crowds, the lines, the junk show factor. But all that was eased when we recieved a fabulous parking pass and were able to bypass all of my fears. The girls loved watching the dancers, and the hang gliders jump from the plane and fly into the stadium. I was a fan of Brad Paisley. The fireworks were pretty amazing as well.
On Monday we woke bright and earlier for the balloon launch tradition. Kevin's mother has been sleeping out on the street for decades to get a good spot on the parade route and to witness the launch of a few dozen hot air balloons. I don't do parades. I don't even care if the girls would have the best time in the whole world, my sanity is worth way more then there happiness. But Kevin's mom was more excited than Christmas morning. So I attended. Luckily the weather was nice, and the spot was already saved for us. The crowds were intense, the sticky kid factor was high, and the people watching was prime. So I guess it met my expectation of what parades are like. But our girls really didn't care that much so it was a bonus for me in the future :)

After the parade we enjoyed a BBQ for with the Brimhall's where all the children ran around and did exactly what you are supposed to do at a backyard barbecue. Be thrown in the air, climb a tree, and eat chips and ice cream.

The girls were worn out by the time fireworks were being lit off that night, so we snuggled them in bed and brought a blanket to the lawn and watched all the neighbors compete with their fireworks. It was a lovely weekend. More because we were home, we were with family and forgetting about everything else.


  1. i love the picture of you at the parade!! bahahahah!!! love love

  2. looks like fun! And I'm digging your patriotic color coordinated family wardrobe!