Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A cupcake and a Bicycle

When Kevin and I were first dating he started giving his change to Stella to put in a secret spot every night. If June wasn't there or awake when Kevin was, he always made sure to leave it on her dresser so she could put it in there secret spot. After they filled up a bud vase Kevin arrived home with a cupcake penny bank to fill. Stella started collecting monies out of my purse and Kevin's car.

While we were out shopping for Kevin's new bicycle Stella was certain she had to have one too, with pedals. There was a tantrum in the store and she left crying. Kevin told her that if she saved her cupcake money she could help buy a new bicycle. This lead to her raiding even more of my diet coke money.  Once all the change had been found Stella and Kevin counted it and then went to the bicycle store. She picked out a pretty purple one and promptly named it sparkles.

We spent the rest of the afternoon learning how to ride it. She figured out how to balance it pretty quick, but struggled to figure out how to pedal. She has never pedaled anything before so it was tough to grasp. Now that she knows how she just needs to feel more comfortable on it. So we will keep practicing until she does!

Here is a little video to capture it...

Bicycle Riding from Tehmi Tolbert Brimhall on Vimeo.
love love


  1. aww how cute!!! It was good seeing you while I was visiting UT at Dairy Keen. You looked good! Very cute family!!


  2. That's priceless! It seriously gave me chills!