Wednesday, July 20, 2011

25 things...

Meet Kevin. I married him, but never really introduced him...
1. His name is Kevin Richard Brimhall.
2. He is officially measured in on the wall Grandpa Cleve style, at 6'5".
3. He irons his clothes, some would say obsessively.
4. He broke his mother's sternum by hugging her to hard, I call him Lenny because of it.
5. He served an LDS mission to Norway.
6. He spends his free time with me and the girls. Unless we are busy...
7. He always makes sure things are safe, doors are locked, lights are turned off.
8. He believes in opening my car door, and always does.
9. He is older than me by 7 years.
10. He filed for irreconcilable differences too.
11. He plays golf, and Trace is relieved he isn't a hack.
12. He doesn't like to hunt things, but enjoys helping others do so.
13. He doesn't listen to a lot of music; so he trusts my dance party playlist.
14. He likes to give surprises, but struggles to maintain the surprise factor.
15. If it isn't the smartest, most responsible thing to do he will not do it, regardless of my persuasion.
16. He is kind of a dork and he knows it.
17. He likes to try new lotions, soap, shampoo, chapsticks, deodorant, and toothpaste.
18. He is way more OCD than I am.
19. He loves that I am a total geek.
20. He uses his iPad to read books and that's all.
21. He enjoys a great a meal, whether at home or at a new restaurant.
22. He also enjoys a frozen party pizza.
23. He drinks soda like a 5 year old, he likes Root Beer, Sprite, Grape Soda or Orange soda.
24. He makes me go to all three hours of church. (Because its the smart, responsible thing to do.)
25. He is the most selfless, considerate, genuine person I know.

I really like him. A lot.
love love


  1. Cute post! We love you guys and wish we could have seen you this weekend!

  2. It really sounds like you got a winner (except for the whole crushing people thing :)). Congrats again.

  3. He is such a great guy! Glad we finally got to meet him, love you two together!!

  4. now i have to do this for ty. he just told me so. thanks...