Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fred & George

Yesterday I arrived home from work and found a large box on my front step marked "perishable". I figured a box of fruit or a Harry and David gift. Well I opened it to find Lobster. Two of them in fact. Kevin's coworker from Portland, Maine had sent us Fresh Lobster Dinner for two. How cool is that?!?! I decided against unpacking them and waiting for Kevin and the girls. They needed to see this. Stella was totally hesitant about them and Ruby, well I'm not sure if she loved them or hated them. There was a lot of yelling going on. After Stella warmed up to them, she promptly named them, Fred and George. Then we sent her off to bed and cooked them. They were mighty tasty!
The clams that were squishing out of the shell were kind of freaking me out. Kevin would touch them and they would jump back in the shell; all of us girls would squeal.

This is basically what Ruby thought of them. They were interupting her won ton.

Stella finally wanting to touch it. Only after Ruby grabbed it with both hands, did she feel safe enough to do so.

I'm glad Kev was the one dropping them in head first. I might cook a lot, but I don't do very well with killing and deconstructing things. So I was extra glad when Kevin dropped them in and extracted all the meat. That's the manly thing to do right? Provide meat for the family?

Thanks so much Chris and Jeanine! What a wonderful wedding present! Next time, lets meet in Maine for Lobster dinner, so you can show us desert folk how its really done.
love love

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