Wednesday, July 27, 2011


 Remember Tabiona? The amazing hideaway? Due to the crazy summer and the weather that didn't allow the snow to melt we hadn't been. Kevin had only been there for a brief moment here and there, mostly for work projects. With the family at the Barn last weekend, I decided that we needed to retreat to the cabin. So we did. I called Kev's parents and invited them along for the short weekend and stocked up on groceries. I packed way to many clothes, thinking that I might shower and wear normal clothes was just silly. What I didn't pack enough of were comfy lounge around all day and make pie clothes. We didn't stay long enough, given we both had lessons to teach on Sunday never the less it was still perfectly fantastic.

I think Stella fulfills summertime. Dandelion in one hand- Check. Band-aid on elbow- Check. Tangled hair from playing to hard- Check. Doesn't get much better than that...
Could Ruby look anymore like a Marsh?

Everyone always needs a purely relaxing weekend. To get away from the chaos, from all the noise and just enjoy each others company. That's the best part of a weekend at the cabin. 
love love


  1. That pie looked so good. Everything else looked good too, but that pie, mmm,mmm.