Friday, August 19, 2011

Month 18

Ruby Ruby Red Dress,
Oh my you are the funniest little kid! Seriously, this last month you have become even funnier than usual. Your facial expressions, your mannerisms, your walk, your silly little jabber. It is all so funny! This last month it was almost like a light bulb went off in your head, you now understand everything. You understand when it's time for bed, and dinner time. You understand when I tell you "No" and get so excited for Kevin. I'm finding that because you understand everything a little better you are much more likely to relax a little. We were at mutual last week and you sat on my lap. Yeah. I know right? Pretty awesome huh? That's how busy you are; so busy that I get excited and make a mental note of the one time that you sat on my lap for twenty minutes and gave me high fives. Awesome
You still don't talk a lot, and your favorite word to say is Bampa. You pretty much adore him. And I feel like every letter I write to you there is a paragraph about how you adore your Grandpa Trace. But really Ruby, you do. You go to bed at night asking for him and waking up asking for him. Yesterday when I walked into your room to get you out of bed you were saying Bampa. Then when you saw it was me, you just said "No, No, No, No, No" and sat back down in the corner of your crib.
You play with Stella these days a lot, but you are really good at playing by yourself. You will wander downstairs to the toys and play and play. Stella won't go down there by herself because she's afraid she might miss something upstairs. You are content to throw a ball and chase it around by yourself. But when you are wanting to be social, you surely are. You climb up on my lap and watch and clap and jabber.
The greatest fact of this month is that it's your eighteenth month. You know what that means? NURSERY!!! Yep! We took you for the first time and I held your hand walking down the hall and when you caught sight of the toys you took off for them. You let go and ran in. Never ever looking back at me for any reason. I actually had to go find the nursery leader and introduce her to you. Basically by pointing to you who was already sharing a book with another little boy. I walked out and never looked back. Ruby, you are a dream child!!
Seriously though, you are consistently the happy spot in our family. You can make anyone smile with eye contact. Thank you for being such a sweetheart.
love love

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