Monday, August 22, 2011

You guys- I tried to excel in my geek level today by purchasing Because well there are a few benefits of a name as unique as mine, like having an email address that is my first name only and website that is just your name. We all know last names can go either way, but you usually don't show up at the social security office looking to change your first name. I already have my email address and was looking to complete the package so I googled and guess where it goes?!
To the Wireless Bedwetting Alarm Solution website. How did they know that my bladder is extremely small! Luckily for Kevin I can usually make it through the night.

love love


  1. Hehehe...that's hilarious. Just as a side note, don't go to

  2. ha!! this is awesome. another side note, i think if an alarm went off when i started to pee the bed, i'm pretty sure i would pee even more.

  3. umm.... totally used one of those when i was little! and Colby could tell you stories of our year and 4 months of marriage! fantastic!