Friday, August 12, 2011

the rodeo

The first weekend in August will always be reserved for the fair. Which mostly just means the rodeo, because the carnival freaks me out. It's all dirty and crowded and just thinking about it gives me chills. But the rodeo. The rodeo on the other hand is fantastic! The people watching, the hide race, little girls in cowboy boots, Kevin in a pair of wranglers, the barrel racing and of course the eight second ride. This year we attended with the Tolbert's and it did not disappoint. Stella and Ruby had a blast! And just as years past, Stella fell asleep right as the last bull threw his cowboy and the fireworks started. She slept in my arms through all the booms and flashes, she stayed asleep through the walk to the car the drive home and into her bed. She hasn't failed this routine in the 4 years of attending the rodeo. They must make her extra tired. 

love love

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