Friday, August 12, 2011

The Last Supper

We spent the evening with the Micall and TJ for the last time before their move to Pullman. They left this morning for there adventures at Washington State. I can't believe they are really gone! Do we sort of act like they are going on a mission or something? Probably. But it might be because we've never lived farther away than a 100 miles from any member of our twisted immediate family. Weird? Definitely. But we like each other OK...
The camera was passed around and it says more than any words I could type...  (Oh, but I don't really know where Hunter was... He is a teenager, he will start to hang out with us later in life.)

Please don't get mad about this picture you guys, it makes me laugh out loud. You guys are total dorks. 

 I'm not sure who will miss you more, Hunter, Trace, or Deb. Hunter will because you are no longer a distraction and buffer from Trace and Deb. Trace will because he won't have his playmates anymore. Or Deb might miss you the most because of all your great help and distraction from the chaos of life. But really Stella might miss you the very most. Dairy Keen Fridays are her most favorite day. Who will take her for the weekly twist ice cream cone?
Good Luck Mic and TJ! We love you guys!
love love

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