Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Weekend

This past weekend the girls ventured to Portland with Trevor and they were so excited! I was a little sad. I don't think I have ever been that far away from them, and I'm not sure why it was hard for me. They go to pretty school during the week and every other weekend they usually spend with Trevor. They had a great time, Stella said she saw superman on the airplane and got to play with Alex and some chickens!
While they were gone, Kevin surprised me with a weekend of our own fun. Saturday morning we ventured out on Kevin's first mule ride with my Dad and Grandpa. He was nearly giggling the entire ride. Seriously. He loved every moment of it, he was so eager to learn how to do everything and so scared to do something wrong. All I could do was smile at him and tell him he can't go on mule rides every night of the week like he requested at the end of the ride. Maybe just a couple of times a week.
Please note that Kev thought you had to wear gloves when riding, but really I am the only one in the family that does because I would otherwise have dirty hands and then I would subconsciously have clenched fists the entire time.  I don't like my hands dirty OK?
After the mule ride Kevin decided the best pool to lay by without children would be at The Grand America where we could eat frozen grapes and I could rotate every 20 minutes. Which I did and it was amazing. You see I'm building my base tan for when we go to Mexico on our honeymoon in 4 weeks.
We ate great sushi, saw a funny movie and enjoyed an air conditioned room. Sunday morning we slept in and ventured down for Sunday Brunch where we ate more food than I ate all last week and enjoyed the Sunday paper with the best people watching in town. We contemplated ditching church but decided that we are sort of responsible.
We ended the weekend with dinner with Trace, Hunter and my grandparents and then a lovely bike ride around the valley. It was all kind of perfect.
I am constantly reminded of how lucky Kevin and I are. The majority of the time we get to spend our time with the kids and as a family, but every other weekend we get to be newlyweds. We get to spend time with each other alone and Kevin is really good about making sure we do the things that are harder or impossible to do with the girls on those weekends. We get the best of both worlds, and I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful that on Sunday night when Trevor brings the girls back that I have missed them, and am so excited to see them, and they are so excited to see me. It's kind of perfect.
love love

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  1. You're right... you totally get the best of both worlds. Allan and I haven't been anywhere in a LONG time without Janie. I'm going to make those brownies today and i'll tell you how it goes. Also, miss you tons. Will you be in town the week of the 19th-24th? Sadie is getting married on the 24th and we're coming!! I would love to meet Kevin!