Monday, September 26, 2011

The first day

Today was a big day at our house! Stella June made her way to her first day of Pre-School! Not to be confused with her daily attendance at pretty school. There are 12 boys and girls in her class and she told me today that her chair is yellow! She told me all of the rules and that she is going be obedient every day. She was very concerned about following the rules. My little hall monitor child.
I'm not sure who was more excited about Pre-School and Ms. Taryn, me or her. This morning as I was braiding her hair she was a little nervous about her ABC's. She was worried that she wouldn't remember them all and that would make Ms. Taryn sad. So we sang the them and she felt a little better. When we got out of the car, she took off running, she turned around and waived while yelling "Bye MOM, See you after class!! Love you". She never hesitated or worried, and neither did I. She will do awesome at school, and I'm excited to watch her learn. Ruby didn't like having her gone, she wandered around the house going, "Della, bye bye, ack!! Della ack!!" The girls are always together, so I'm sure she was a little stressed without June here to play. Our schedules are a little funky now, but we are making it work and we are all so excited for class Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

love love


  1. She is ADORABLE!! I love it because Liv has that back pack and shirt ... you have such great taste :) And also your honeymoon looked AMAZING and I am dying with jealousy over here right now ... you two are so cute! Love you guys!

  2. oh man. she reminds me of you with those flowers on her jeans! love love

  3. they are getting so big. When did this happen!? She is adorable