Sunday, September 25, 2011

World Class

It was the National Championship for Xterra Triathlons this past weekend at Snowbasin. A pretty big deal as always. We ventured to endure the nervous sick to your stomach feeling while Hunter, in true grit, fashion hammered it out. It was a brutal course and he hadn't fully recovered from the Friday night football game, but none the less, he still stood on the podium for 3rd.

As he gets his wet suit on, and gains last minute strategy from his coaches...
His coaches...

The swarm of swimmers, I'm sure he is in there somewhere.  
His exit from the swim running towards the transition to the bike.

I might have missed the transition from the bike to the run, but I swear it happened...
All smiles after it was finally over...
Nice job Hunt! Now just hang tight until you are doing this in Maui in a few weeks!

Oh and did I forget to mention that this guy was there as well as Hunter??

 Lance brought the crowds and the media to the National Championships and you could tell he was nervous. He somehow overcame the nerves and placed 5th.

love love

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