Thursday, September 22, 2011

pina coladas and sunscreen

Ahhh.... Mexico...
We ventured to Cancun for a little honeymoon vacation and it was amazing! What did we do? Rotated from the beach to the cabana at the pool, it was a tough gig.
Kevin took 744 photos. He is really good at holding down the shutter. The result? 400 still frames that when browsed quickly equal a picture show. I retreated from the internet and digital and played with my Holga and am excited to see what will come of it. We ate guacamole and chips and drank an enormous amount of pina coladas, sans the rum. And my personal favorite: Coke Light in a glass bottle. It really doesn't get better than that.
Kevin got his suntan on by only applying 50spf every 2 hours instead of every 45 minutes. I liberally applied a tanning oil in the morning and called it good. Thanks mom for passing on skin that doesn't accept a sun burn, very beneficial for a week at the beach.
We read good books and browsed magazines. We swam in the ocean, floated in the pool and threw the football in the waves until I missed and only caught a mouth full of seaweed and salt water. We walked the beach in the mornings and nights enjoying the calm and peaceful nature of it all.

Ah Coke Light....

When I wasn't sipping on Pina Coladas or Coke Light, a Miami Vice for Micall
I don't really feel that small next to my Tall Husband until a photo like this is taken and I look back and go, huh he really is a giant.
After a week of vacation, a week of doing nothing but relaxing and eating, a week with no internet and text messages, a week of no little girls or busy schedules and I came back more in love with him than I thought possible. I think we accomplished all goals of vacationing.
love love

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  1. Mmmmmmm coke lite :). Congratulations, you two deserved a real honeymoon!