Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Month 19

Ruby Tuesday!
You my dear are a funny little thing! You are becoming quite the Ms. Independent. It is a bit overwhelming, because you are still to little to do everything, but think you can do it all. You want to be exactly like your sister. You want her toys, you want her books, you point at things she does, and hug me after Stella does. Last week you followed her into the bathroom and tried to go potty. You stripped off all your clothes and yelped until someone put you on the potty. You sat there for a while then scrambled off and tried to flush. I'm not sure I'm ready to potty train you yet, mostly because you don't communicate very well just yet. There is a lot of jibbering that goes on. Everyday I feel like I understand more, but you are still slow to get there.
You are such a happy little girl. You are always jabbering and smiling and running around. You never stop, or rest for anything. You are really great at entertaining yourself and finding things you shouldn't have. You are the queen of the bathroom. Your favorite thing is to play in the drawers while we are getting ready. I am certain it is the reason we are late more than not these days. Shooing you out of the drawers takes a lot of time. My solution to it is to throw you in the tub while I get ready. We are really great at multitasking. You love the tub. If I tell you we are taking a bath, off come the clothes.
At night I sneak into your room to watch you sleep, I know it's a little weird but watching you sleep is the sweetest thing. You curl up with your bum straight in the air and several blankets under your face. If we try to move you around, you will instantly return to the stink bug. When you sleep I see so much of Trevor in you. Your lips are 100% Marsh. I like that you look like him, you will always know that you are his daughter too. When we left you were barely 6 weeks old, and if you didn't look like him so much you might not have known where you started.
I love you so much Ruby Maine. You are a complete burst of energy, a burst of happiness in our home. I can't imagine a moment without that.
love love

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